Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Early 18C Bavarian Gardens & Grounds

1701 Bavarian Views with Gardens Liechtenberg Castle Michael Wening (Bavarian artist, 1645-1718)

Michael Wening (1645-1718) was a Bavarian engraver known for his many depictions of cityscapes & views of stately homes, castles & monasteries in the Bavaria of his day.  His concept was to publish a visual account of Bavaria’s 4 districts called Historico-Topographica Descriptio. He began in 1696, & had finished more than 100 drawings within the first 2 months.  The 1st volume appeared in 1701, but work on the other 3 volumes was delayed by Austria’s occupation of Bavaria.  At least 1 volume was published after his death in 1718.